About Us

How we started?

“itspradeep.com” was launched in February 2023. Our main aim is to provide curated content in the form of articles, technical documents and newsletter. We wish to grow our name and identity in this space. 

As technical content creators, our idea is to provide simple but informative content experience to our audience. Often people look for too many sources to get reliable and trending information.

But we cater to every flavor of audience and incorporate an exhaustive variety/selection of articles in our platform. 

We are creating this website in tiers to bring in the concoction of engaging new content in the context of technology space.

Our Vision

Our goal is to bring in new perspective and value to our believers through our services. We will continue to build everyday to improve our services. We want our audience to be a part of our journey and catalyse our eagerness to build this knowledge hub.

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